Music and Cars

So I was in an accident and my car has been in the shop a little over a month.  I am so thankful that the other driver and I were both OK.  While in the shop, I’ve not had my satellite radio.  Wow.  I think it’s helped me to know how much music means to me.  I mean, yeah, everyone knows I love music.  But traditional radio with it’s talking, commercials, and such has shown me how much I need just music in the morning.  I get messages, I sing along.  It has been how I start my day.  It is healing and lovely and I am so glad that very soon I will have her back and be reunited with my morning music the way I like it.  

While typing this, I’m finally watching the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame awards that I taped from HBO.  Ok, really I dvr’ed it, but I’m of the tape age.  ha.  Seeing it is really touching.  So many stories of the love of music, it’s power.  How music can lift us up, shine a light.  More than that, it’s hearing the love for the performers and in turn their love of music, of the people that made music with them.  Hearing everyone sing “With A Little Help From My Friends” makes my morning.  Everyone smiling, all these different styles united.  

That’s the thing about music, it brings us together.  On a global stage, in a room with friends, or in our car.