Super Soul Sunday

So one of the things I love of a Sunday morning is watching the writers on Super Soul Sunday.  I then meditate and go on about my day.  I have found that mantras said on my mala beads is my go to.  I think it’s because I grew up saying the Catholic Rosary, it’s a natural fit.  I still say the Rosary too, but I don’t have two of the prayers memorized.  I find that listening to the right music makes it even more special.  There’s something about Steven Halpern’s “Chakra Suite” CD that I get ‘there’ in meditation quicker.  I also like Kevin Hearn’s “Crossing Over” instrumental song.  I put that one on repeat.  

So what is my there?  When I’m really connected, I am free of thoughts.  I am still in mind, body, spirt.  I often with closed eyes, see beautiful royal blue or royal purple or each of them.  There is a peace there that stills my spirit.  My soul feels super Sunday, Monday, or any other day.  So, how do you find your there?  What does music do for you to feel?  

Energy & music = a wonderful combination.