When Music Makes It All Better

So Saturday night I went to see Colin Hay, Violent Femmes, and  Barenaked Ladies in concert.  I was very excited to see Colin and VF as I’ve not seen either before.  I’ve seen BNL many, many times and knew what a good time I was in for.  I went with my cousin, and we both danced and sang our bootys off.  It was wonderful.  

Just being completely, totally in the music, the energy was healing.  I danced, let it all go, rocked it out, etc.  It was exactly what I needed.  There’s something about a slightly hot, humid night; dancing away the night, feeling totally in your body, and out of this world.  Even the sweaty feeling felt good!    

I felt so very connected.  Dancing/music/singing for sure involved all the senses. That’s the feeling I wish I could give everyone with music/healing.  Even today, with a day at work of twists and turns and surprises, I’m present.  I’m figuring out how to get it all done, and not worrying.  I’m allowing.  Woo.  If this is how live music now works with my energy, bring on the concerts!! 

Music and Cars

So I was in an accident and my car has been in the shop a little over a month.  I am so thankful that the other driver and I were both OK.  While in the shop, I’ve not had my satellite radio.  Wow.  I think it’s helped me to know how much music means to me.  I mean, yeah, everyone knows I love music.  But traditional radio with it’s talking, commercials, and such has shown me how much I need just music in the morning.  I get messages, I sing along.  It has been how I start my day.  It is healing and lovely and I am so glad that very soon I will have her back and be reunited with my morning music the way I like it.  

While typing this, I’m finally watching the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame awards that I taped from HBO.  Ok, really I dvr’ed it, but I’m of the tape age.  ha.  Seeing it is really touching.  So many stories of the love of music, it’s power.  How music can lift us up, shine a light.  More than that, it’s hearing the love for the performers and in turn their love of music, of the people that made music with them.  Hearing everyone sing “With A Little Help From My Friends” makes my morning.  Everyone smiling, all these different styles united.  

That’s the thing about music, it brings us together.  On a global stage, in a room with friends, or in our car.  

Here, There, and Everywhere

The past month or so, I’ve had a lot of life stuffs going on.  As always, I was listening to satellite radio on the drive in.  I cracked up, because being intuitive, I would notice signs in the songs.  I routinely hear songs relevant to what is going on in my life.  Some would say I am more aware of the songs because of what is going on.  Nonetheless, it was pretty wild.  During my move, I routinely heard Billy Joel’s “Movin Out”.  When I needed a sign it really was all going to be ok, I’d hear a specific song and go ok, whew.  

I find such comfort in music.  I am in a loaner car right now, without my satellite radio.  Our local stations are more limited in choices, so it ought to be interesting.  Perhaps I’ll make my own mixes and play them for the time being.  

Super Soul Sunday

So one of the things I love of a Sunday morning is watching the writers on Super Soul Sunday.  I then meditate and go on about my day.  I have found that mantras said on my mala beads is my go to.  I think it’s because I grew up saying the Catholic Rosary, it’s a natural fit.  I still say the Rosary too, but I don’t have two of the prayers memorized.  I find that listening to the right music makes it even more special.  There’s something about Steven Halpern’s “Chakra Suite” CD that I get ‘there’ in meditation quicker.  I also like Kevin Hearn’s “Crossing Over” instrumental song.  I put that one on repeat.  

So what is my there?  When I’m really connected, I am free of thoughts.  I am still in mind, body, spirt.  I often with closed eyes, see beautiful royal blue or royal purple or each of them.  There is a peace there that stills my spirit.  My soul feels super Sunday, Monday, or any other day.  So, how do you find your there?  What does music do for you to feel?  

Energy & music = a wonderful combination.  

Almost the four year birthday

i made this site for my Reiki teaching. It sat rather unloved. But recently I have come to realize that the intersection between music, energy, and healing is where my purpose lies. I love giving messages and I love mentoring. That won’t change but as other things shift I know it is time to bring forward the power of energy healing and music. Stay tuned…

Welcome to Serendipity Healing

If you are familiar with me as the WackyRedhead, Holly, welcome to my new site.  This is my healing side.  When I do readings, my joy, laughter, and yes wacky side come out.  But we all have more than one side don’t we?  This is my healing self.  I am called to share Reiki through healing and teaching.  Welcome!